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a collection of unreleased songs​/​sounds [2015​-​2020]

by Coley Mixan

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I can't wait for the morning...mourning.
i just wanna show up hit 'em with a triumph  poverty is sickness gravel's floral spit shit make their bodies gum until they're all stick on suntil we're all stick ons i'm tried up in addition (i'm tired of addiction) i just wanna throw up touch the mirror--it's perfection always fearing our correction touch the mirror--it's protection from the fearing our correction (i'm always fearing our connection in the body that I protect every desire seems so expensive when i want it through my own mind)  security in the pocket of understanding trying to behold the one you love without demanding i am not alone i am not here here...where is here? healing? where is the self?
234234234 02:12
believe, believe the joy controllers create the bomb but don't expose us never say no a great deal the dealers' hands hand out our meals data demands a faster pace how strange it is that man so roam the future doom we dare alone how strange it is that man so roam the future doom we dare
ogallala ogallala ogallala kool-aid we don't need no pipeline terrorizing this place ogallala ogallala ogallala kool-aid we banish the black snake of death capitalists crusade in Hastings, Nebraska red powder disaster shames Willa Cather into kolache days raspberry, lemon, orange, cherry, grape condensed decisions historically made oh aquifer who is your buyer? this sacred land unfarmable sand keystone XL will burn in hell endangering all generations of life water is holy ancient and soaking peace for all water protectors tonight without water there'd be no kool-aid
crater! crater! authority's magic like American history's an eraser crater! Crater! Amazon havoc only colonizers hire appraisers to jeopardy leprosy, impale the moon Blue Origin, SpaceX: I curse you Crater! Creator! even science betrays the brilliant minds privatizing our space the brilliant minds that have gone to waste researching for trust fund laughs the moon is not a luxury she calls forth life in you and me Her song is never of ability but longing for what's loving longing for what's becoming a longing for tidal cunning longing for the howling longing for the dancing the moon is not a luxury the moon is not your property she's locked into earth and earth alone crater! crater! crater! give her a bone
water the weeds before your heart gets hardened me and my Tea in her mom's rad garden living the life without a strave that's stravin if you want a dollar then you burn that carbon video playback and a fantasy i gotta code what's been bothering me it feels larger than infinity  so water the weeds of before you talk to me cause there's no such weeds by community 
Gina 03:17
well, where are we in the night of escaping? when I plug a simple song I deny the darkest throb ain't got no smile ain't got no luck ain't no money I'm out the snub I want relief I want activity but here in silence my friend find me so where--well, where are we in this night of escaping you may cry everyday but I'm not ready to give away my own word like a longing that's never matched by a streetlight's dawning so I'll hold you in our sleep protected from places we've never seen combative personal excellence: the human body's just an iffy thing her city's broken solemn all black and swallowed up I walk without a step never counting the distance you may cry everyday but I'm not ready cause I ain't got no love and I ain't got no money and I never made the cut so where are we honey? where are we in the longest of escaping?
we'll plant some flowers on an archer's day dig up the earth forms between our legs and then the war comes immaculate  without our faith, we fail to discipline  maybe my body can give up the tooth i know when i should leave a room i know i should get up and gone there's no garden before the dawn collective ignorance is breaking and i just want breakfast collective ignorance is making the world widen like a fist i'll jump no more space for me so that the world should last? if i decide i do decide to leave i will leave that up to me the special time of grace devoured
I'm over work, jerk
"Nobody?" 04:33
Winter Rest 04:45


I lost my archive in June, 2020 and these were the songs and sounds I was able to scrap together from various hard drives and text message threads. I am slowly working through getting my mind together again to write new songs. for now--please enjoy these old pieces of me. the collection here represents various records created between 2015-2020. all instruments, lyrics, mixing and vocals by coley mixan.


released August 27, 2020

all songs & sounds written and performed by coley mixan


all rights reserved



Coley Mixan Seattle, Washington

ol' coley gonna build a sod house.

coley mixan is a multi-instrumentalist + visual artist creating sonic pieces that resonate on the same frequency as microwaved bananas. 🍌🍞🍰

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